New Statements

We are excited to announce the  launch of our NEW statement design.

Our new statements will have a modern and more user friendly format.  

We hope that you enjoy the fresh new look!

We also offer an Electronic Statements option, please see below for more information.

E-Statements are electronic copies of your account statements that you can view within Online Banking or Cash Management. You have the ability to view, print, or save and store your E-Statements on your personal computer. E-Statements are made available to you online instantly when the statement becomes available, which saves the added time associated with normal postal mail delivery. Summit Community Bank stores your last 7 years of statements in Online Banking. E-Statements are only accessible to you via a secure login to Summit Community Bank’s Online Banking or Cash Management. It eliminates the risk of having sensitive financial information delivered to unsecured postal mailboxes. E-Statements reduce paper use and save natural resources. 

What is E-Statement?

E-Statement is a service that we provide to our customers so that they may have immediate access to their account statements on Internet banking the same day that they would normally have printed and been mailed.

Will paper statements still be received?

No. E-Statements replace the paper statements and have all of the same characteristics including check images.

What are the advantages of E-Statement?

The E-Statement is electronically on the internet banking system, so if the customer is out of town or away from their mailbox, their statement will not be vulnerable to theft. In addition, others cannot access the E-Statement because it is under password protection on the Internet Banking system. There is immediate access to the statement by the customer and the customer can review past statements easily.

Will the customer have to remember another password?

No. To access the E-Statement, the customer will simply sign on to Internet Banking, choose Transactions -> E-Statements. Since the Internet Banking site is a secure site, no one else will have access to view, save or print the statement.

What if the customer's email service does not accept attachments to email?

The E-Statement is not attached to the email. There is information that lets the customer know that their E-Statement has been published for them to view on Internet Banking with a hyperlink to Internet Banking.

Does the customer have to have the email to access the E-Statement?

No. This is just a notification that the statement is available. The customer can look up statements on Internet Banking at any time.

Can the customer have E-Statements without Internet Banking?

No. You must have Internet Banking in order to receive E-Statements. Enroll now!

Can business customers receive E-Statements?

Yes. We also have options for others to view the statements, for example, an accountant or co-owner. If a business is not set up on cash management but would like others to view E-Statements, please contact the Commercial Relationship Representative, who will meet with the customer and review the available options.

How do I sign up for E-Statements?

Please feel free to contact any Customer Service Representative to sign up for E-Statements.