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Signing up for MySummit Mobile Deposit

For first time users of MySummit Mobile Deposit - Log in to your internet banking and select the ‘Mobile Deposit Enrollment’ link under the ‘Transactions’ tab. 


Click on the agreement link that is underlined and see the agreement.  If you agree, check this box to accept our terms and conditions.  Then click on the “Accept” button.   

Next is the congratulations screen that shows after you have accepted the terms and conditions.


Once you have enrolled

Below are the steps for submitting a deposit through
My Summit Mobile Deposit:

First access the mobile application from an iPhone, Android phone or tablet.  Login to your app and click on the ‘More’ button located on the right side. 


From the menu options, Select ‘Deposit a Check’

When the screen comes up the first option is to select an account.  All checking and savings accounts that you have access will show up in the list.  


Next you will be prompted to enter the dollar amount of the check. And click ‘Save’.

Then click on the ‘Capture Image’ button. Next put the check in the focus and in the brackets and click on Capture Front. 

Then it will prompt you to take a picture of the back of the check.

Once the process is complete it will go back to the screen with the deposit information and have the images of the check, both front and back.  At this time you can retake either the front or the back image if you so desire.

Once finished, click on ‘Submit Deposit’.  If the system can read the front of the check’s MICR line and it can detect the endorsement on the back of the check, then the system will provide a message like the one below. 

Congratulations, you have successfully submitted the check for processing.


You will receive two separate e-mails:

  • Deposit Received Notification
  • The status of your deposit
    • Deposit Approved Notification, Deposit Approved with Hold Notification, and or Deposit Declined Notification

You may check the status of your deposit at any time by viewing your “Deposit Check History” conveniently located by accessing the “more” button at the upper right corner.  

*Certain restrictions may apply but limited to deposit limits and/or deposit holds.