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With Remote Capture, you can exchange conventional, manual check deposit processes for an automated deposit solution created to suit your specific needs. Regardless of your size or location, Remote Capture allows you to scan any type of check at your business location and electronically deposit it into any one of your Summit Community Bank checking accounts.
Remote Deposit Capture allows checks to be scanned and deposited right at the office extending same day processing until 6pm.Remote Deposit Capture allows the check to be converted into a Check 21 image, processed electronically, and expedites presentation to the receiver institution. Remote Deposit Capture does allow check deposits into multiple checking accounts.
Remote Deposit Capture eliminates deposit ticket costs, copying costs, mailing costs, lost check Stop Payment costs and limits fraud and delays in processing that result when using conventional mailing/processing avenues.
Summit Community Bank utilizes the scanning capabilities of a Panini scanner that will scan 30 checks (front and back) within one minute.

Contact Dawn Thornburg today at or at 1.540.246.1377 to learn more